Make a Booking

L409 Wine Tasting CoTD Dave Madson (Booking Required) $90

When you book for a lunch, the system will request how you will make a payment, (either by credit card or bank transfer), before allowing you to book. Once you have chosen how you will pay for lunch, your your booking will be recorded as it normally is. This change does not require you to make a payment when booking, but will show you how much you have owing if you have not paid.


We encouage everyone to pay by Credit Card. This does not have to be done at time of booking but should be attended to 1 day before event. Just go back into your booking. select Credit Card and click on Click to update. This will prompt you to pay now. Click on that and a payment window will pop up. Enter card details  required. The payment system is stand alone STRIPE and is secure. Paying by EFT does not show up on the booking system and requires alot more unnecessary work to reconcile.

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