DSC00548Excutive chef John (Goldy) Goldsbrough enlisted the help of chef friend Mario Nogarotto to present an autumnal lunch with Italian theme.Also in the kitchen was Martin McMurray and Greg Sproule Canapes led off with chicken liver pate topped with chives and served on a slice of baguette the pate was creamy with spicy peppery character. Then followed Mashed Pumpkin and topped with provolone cheese served on pizza..there was an abundance of canapes the flavours worked well. The canapes went very well with a 2002 Chateau Francois semillon from the hunter complex and still very fresh for a 12 your old wine. The main course was porchetta served at room temperature moist and stuffed with sage rosemary peppers and finishing with chili end on the palate. It was served on a bed of caramelised red onion and a robust tasting veal reduction. the garnish was some home grown small leafed basil. Accompanying this was a superb crackling ..the crunch reverberated around the room as did the comments on how well the meal was presented.. Mario acknowledged that he did not normally accompany the meal with a sauce however thought it may be required for the number of serves today. A top meal and well matched by 2009 LaZona Barbera from the King Valley Victoria and Taylors 2002 Clare valley Shiraz two different styles of wine both appreciated by members the enjoying the fruit and the latter for prime savoury palate. The cheese was a favourite a "Testun da barolo" that we have had served in the past James Healey advised that the cheese came from Piedmonte Italy and was a cow and goat blend. It came to the table at the right temperature with a crust of pressed grapes used to make Barolo wine.The flavour was creamy, winey, buttery with sharp finish.It was served with dressed salad of mixed leaves and a bowl of cashews. Accompanying wines were Macquariedale 2003 Shiraz from The Hunter showing sweet fruit with acid length the second wine and a Mudgee Blue Mountain good structure and balance drinking at peak. The coffee was Kenya Ab it was good and strong with an acid finish. Goldy gave us a taste of a Pan Terra reserve extra old Fine Tawny with a bouquet toffee and butterscotch and a luscious caramel palate not overwhelmed by the alcohol.