The members of the WFS are the beneficiaries of the foresight of previous generations of members in establishing a large cellar. To a degree, the composition of this over the years has been a snapshot of the Australian wine industry. However, the WFS has always had a strong French component; not least because of the influence of Andre Simon who controlled the cellar for many years. The WFS continues to maintain the cellar with the objective of providing mature quality wine for its weekly lunches and regular evening functions.

Although the WFS retains a soft spot for NSW wines, and in particular those from the Hunter, wines are sourced from each of the notable Australian wine making areas - and indeed most quality regions of the world. This diversity is consistent with our charter to promote wine knowledge. Moreover, our member chefs’ choice of cuisine is eclectic and accordingly, a wide range of styles and varieties are necessary from which to select a wine match. That match, the synthesis of wine and food, is the basis for a great dining experience. Overall, throughout the year, the aim is to present a variety of vineyard areas and their grape varieties, some wines may be lesser known, some wines may reflect the evolution of style and taste. Noting that another core WFS charter objective is the promotion of fellowship, the cornucopia of new and interesting is balanced by the known and comforting. The WFS has developed a strong attraction to some lines of wines that we attempt to follow each year. An attendee at a WFS lunch can expect to see two wines served with the main and two wines served with the cheese. Other than matching the food, those brackets of two are intended to provide a wine talking point. The wines may be from the same vintage and variety, they may share a region or maker. They may illustrate some other point of similarity or contrast. Prior to being seated, aperitif wine is served. The WFS holds a number of regular evening functions such as the Chef of the Year dinner and the President’s dinner. Wine is selected to match the food and the prestige of the function.